With faculty supervision and mentoring, each fellow will develop and conduct a research study, conduct analyses, prepare a manuscript, and submit the findings to a national scientific meeting. All fellows will take courses in Epidemiology and in Biostatistics, given by Division faculty. Many resources are available to the fellow, including expert consultation with faculty from the entire medical school, departmental and divisional computer facilities, network and on-site access to the AECOM library, and the Department of Pediatrics and Department of Emergency Medicine libraries at Jacobi. Seminars on journal article writing and preparation of abstracts are regular components of the weekly Fellows’ Conferences.


Scholarly activity is highly valued in our division. Some of our attendings have received advanced degrees from the Clinical Research Training Program at AECOM, and all have a variety of research interests. Each fellow undertakes an original research project with mentors from our division as well as from across the AECOM community. All of our fellows have presented their research at a national meeting, and 90% have published their findings in a peer-reviewed journal soon after graduation. A fellow in the Jacobi/AECOM program has won the prestigious Ludwig-Seidel award from the Academic Pediatric Association for the best research presentation by a fellow in pediatric emergency medicine three times during the 11 year existence of the award.  Below is a list of publications and presentations from our division over the last three years.

Original Manuscripts in Peer- Reviewed Journals

O’Connor G, Crain EF. Acute respiratory health effects of air pollution on asthmatic children in U.S. inner-cities. Am J Resp Crit Care Med J. Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 121:1133-1139.e1, 2008

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Lim CA, Kaufman BJ, O’Connon J Jr, Cunningham SJ.  (2013)  Accuracy of weight estimates in pediatric patients by prehospital Emergency Medical Services personnel.  American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 31(7): 1108-1112. 

Abstracts and Presentations at Scientific Meetings

Meltzer JA,   Kunkov S , Crain EF Identifying Children at Low Risk for Bacterial Conjunctivitis Presented at SAEM Annual Meeting, May 29, 2008, Washington, DC.

Gorn M, Kunkov S, Crain EF. “Comparison of Ultrasound Assisted and Traditional (Palpation) Techniques for Lumbar Puncture in the Pediatric Emergency Department (PED)  Presented at SAEM Annual Meeting, May 30, 2008, Washington, DC.

Birmingham M, Chou KJ, Crain EF:  Screening for Postpartum Depression in the Pediatric  Emergency Department.  Poster presentation at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., May, 2008.

Nixon A, Cunningham SJ, Cohen H, Crain EF.  The effect of lactobacillus on acute infectious diarrheal illness in the pediatric emergency department.  Presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, Vancouver, Canada May 2010. Winner Ludwig-Seidel Award and the Society for Pediatric Research Fellows Clinical Research Award.

Stephens Hanes L, Cunningham SJ, Silver E, Crain EF.  Rapid point-of-care (POC) testing for Chlamydia trachomatis in emergency department settings (EDs).  Presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, Vancouver, Canada May 2010.

Grossman D, Kunkov S, Crain EF. Calling 911! What role does the pediatrician play? Presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, Vancouver, Canada, May, 2010.

Lim, C.A., Kaufman, B., O’Connor, J., S J Cunningham, MD.  Accuracy of Weight Estimates in Pediatric Patients by Prehospital (EMS) Personnel. Poster Presentation, APA Region II Conference, Bellevue Medical Center, New York, 2011.

Uppal A, Chou K, Crain EF:  Feasibility of STI Screening in Adolescents in the Pediatric Emergency Department.  Poster presentation at the Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, April, 2011.

Uppal A, Chou K, Crain EF:  Identifying Adolescents at Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Pediatric Emergency Department.  Poster presentation at the Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, May, 2011.

Holmes J, Lillis K, Monroe D, Borgialli D, Kerrey B, Mahajan P, Adelgais KJ, Ellison A, Yen K, Atabaki S, Menaker J, Bonsu B, Quayle K, Garcia M, Rogers A, Blumberg S, Lee L, Tunik M, Kooistra J, Kwok M, Cook L, Dean JM, Sokolove P, Wiscner D, Ehrlich P, Cooper A, Dayan P, Wooten-Gorges K, for the PECARN.  Identifying children at very low risk of intra-abdominal injuries undergoing acute intervention. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, Denver, CO, May 2011 and the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, Boston, MA, June 2011.

Kerrey BT, Rogers A, Lee L, Adelgais K, Tunik M, Blumberg S, Quayle K, Sokolove P, Wisner DH, Miskin M, Kuppermann N, Holmes JF, for the PECARN. Risk of intra-abdominal injury in children with blunt torso trauma and normal abdominal computed tomography scans. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, Denver, CO, May 2011 and the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, Boston, MA, June 2011.

Garcia M, Taylor HG, Dillman J, Iqbal V, Quijano C, Gorges S, Adelgais K, Cimpello L, Anunpindi S, Sonavane S, Mahajan P, Veeramani M, Atabaki S, Monroe D, Blumberg S, Ruzal-Shapiro C, Dayan P for the PECARN.  CT scan with IV contrast alone: the role of intra-abdominal fat (IAF) on the ability to visualize the normal appendix. Presented at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, Boston, MA, June 2011.


Books, Chapters, and Other Publications

 Crain EF, Gershel JC, (eds) Clinical Manual of Emergency Pediatrics (5th ed)  New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Associate Editor:

Cunningham SJ

Chapter Editors:

Acosta R

Blumberg SM

Chou KJ

Meltzer JA